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Battiti Inciampi, ripetizioni, discrepanze, scappatoie


Inciampi, ripetizioni, discrepanze, scappatoie

JJJJJEROME ELLIS, Dysfluent Waters, da "The Clearing" - Northern Spy/NNA Tapes // JULIUS EASTMAN, Crazy Nigger, da "Three Extended Pieces For Four Pianos" - Sub Rosa // JACE CLAYTON, Evil Nigger: Part III, da "The Julius Eastman Memory Depot" - New Amsterdam Records // LORAINE JAMES, Choose To Be Gay (Femenine), da "Building Something Beautiful For Me" - Phantom Limb // NETTLE, There Is A Hole In The Middle Of The World Filled With Languages That Don't Have Names, da "El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai" - Sub Rosa // THE PLASTIK BEATNIKS, All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For, da "All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For. 12 Songs for Bob Kaufmann" - Alien Transistor // TERRY RILEY, Music For the Gift, da "The Organ Of Corti Archive Series" - Elision Fields // SPRNG HEEL JACK, Chiaroscuro, da "The Blue Series Continuum - Masses" - Thirsty Ear Recordings // KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, Désarroi # 1: Mayhem!, da "Désarroi" - Staubgold 136 SÃO PAULO UNDERGROUND, Cambodian Street Carnival, da "Cantos Invisíveis" - Cuneiform Records // AQUILES NAVARRO & TCHESER HOLMES, Plantains, da "Heritage Of The Invisible II" - International Anthem // MASSIMO PUPILLO/STEFANO PILIA, Dark Night Mother ft.ALEXANDRA DREWCHIN, da "Dark Night Mother" - Consouling Sounds/Offset Records // MASMA DREAM WORLD, Sundown Forest, da "Play At Night" – Northern Spy Records // KLEIN, Brand New Day, da "Star In The Hood" - autoprodotto LIA KOHL, Second Picture of the Same weather Pattern, da "Too Small To Be A Plain" - Shinkoyo // FHUNYUE GAO & SVEN KACIREK, Dub Garden (Birds Why), da "Hoya" – Altin Village & Mine // LAMIN FOFANA, I Ran From It And Was Still In It, da "Darkwater" - Black Studies // SOLANGE, Things I Imagined, da "When I Get Home" - Columbia

05 Feb 2023