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Battiti Percussion Bitter Sweet


Percussion Bitter Sweet

XHOSA COLE, Doo-shima (feat. Ian Parmel & Adriano Adewale), da "Ibeji" – Stoney Lane Records // BABY DODDS, Spooky Drums No.1, da "Talking And Drum Solos (1946) / Country Brass Bands (1954)" – Atavistic // HAMID DRAKE / MICHAEL ZERANG, Dreaming Of Winter, da "Ask The Sun" – Okka Disk // MOHAMMAD REZA MORTAZAVI, Roaming Pulses, da "Ritme Jaavdanegi" – Latency // ASA TONE, To Tell A Picture / Perpetual Motion Via Jungle Transport, da "Temporary Music" – Leaving Records // AA.VV., Pemungkah, da "The Gamelan Of The Walking Warriors: Gamelan Beleganjur and the Music of the Ngaben Funerary Ritual in Bali" – Akuphone // WILL GUTHRIE, Lit 1+2, da "Nist Nah" – Black Truffle // MIDORI TAKADA, Crossing, da "Through The Looking Glass" – Palto Flats // WILLIAM WINANT, Song Of Quetzalcoatl (feat. William Winant Percussion Group), da "Five American Percussion Pieces" – Poon Village // MOONDOG, Untitled Percussion Solo In Traffic #1, da "On The Streets Of New York" – Mississippi Records MRI-121 / Lucia Records // THE STEEL BAND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES, Mambo Negro, da "AA.VV. Sand & Steel: The Classic Sound Of Jamaican Steel Drums" – Trojan Records // DRUMMERS OF THE SOCIÉTÉ ABSOLUMENT GUININ, Adaptation, da "Vodou Drums In Haiti 2 (The Living Gods Of Haiti: 21st Century Ritual Drums & Spirit Possession)" – Soul Jazz Records // LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX, Aktivator, da "[Silence]" – TDB Production // KONONO No.1, Paradiso, da "Congotronics" – Crammed Discs // CAROLINE SHAW / SŌ PERCUSSION, A Gradual Dazzle, da "Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part" – Nonesuch // STELLA CHIWESHE, Tapera, da "Talking Mbira" – Piranha

02 Apr 2023