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Battiti Turbolence and Pulse


Turbolence and Pulse

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS & BARNACLES, A Shower Of Dry Sand, da "From Solstice To Equinox" – Klanggalerie // KY, Dragons, da "Power Is The Pharmacy" - Constellation Records // DANIELE CAVALLANTI & THE SONGLINES BAND, Mbizo (For Johnny Dyani), da "The Dreamtime" - Felmay // MORGAN HERITAGE, Remember feat. Alpha Blondy & Capleton, da "The Homeland" – CTBC // ME:YOU, Field Tapes In Der Trash, da "Field Tapes In Der Trash" - American Dreams // COLLOCUTOR, Pause Reprise, da "Pause Reprise 'Live at 91' - On The Corner Records // ALABASTER DePLUME, Child Playing in the Forbidden Ruins, da "Salty Road Dogs Victory Anthem" - International Anthem // PRAED, Kaf Afrit, da "Kaf Afrit" – Akuphone // THE DWARFS OF EAST AGOUZA, Baka Of The Future, da "High Tide In The Lowlands" – Sub Rosa // ASHER GAMEDZE, Sometimes I Think To Myself, da "Turbulence and Pulse" – International Anthem // ASHER GAMEDZE, Melancholia (Live In Cairo), da "Turbulence and Pulse" – International Anthem // KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, Sechstes Kapitel [verschliffen], da "Schemen" – Karlrecords // KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, Siebentes Kapitel [verflochten], da "Schemen" – Karlrecords

19 Mag 2023