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Battiti Mixtape Giorgia Mortara


Mixtape Giorgia Mortara

MARTA AND TRICKY, Moving Through Water, da "When It's going Wrong" – False Idols // GENESIS BREYER P.ORRIDGE & CARL ABRAHMSSON, A Perfect Restraint, da " Loyalty Does Not End With Death" – Ideal Recordings // NEARLY GOD, Poems, da "Nearly God" - Durban Poison/4th & Broadway // C'MON TIGRE, Guide to poison tasting, da "Racines" – BDC // ARTHUR RUSSELL, The platform on the ocean, da "Calling Out of context" - Rough Trade // SUUNS, Up past the nursery, da "Zeroes QC" - Secretly Canadian // TOLOUSE LOW TRAX, I would prefer not to, da "Leave Me Alone" - Bureau B // SALSA FINGERS, Amor Modular, da "Coco Fantasma" - I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul // BUDOKAN BOYS, My old friend, da "Dad is Bad" - Baba Vanga // MOOR MOTHER, We got the jazz, da "Jazz Codes" - Anti // TOMAGA, A perspective with no end, da "The Shape of the Dance" - Hands In The Dark – HITD030/Negative Days // MOIN, Foot wrong, da "Paste" - AD 93 // JIM O'ROURKE, Viva Forever, da "AA.VV. - Guilt by Association" - Engine Room Recordings // ALL HANDS_MAKE LIGHT, Anchor, da "Darling The Dawn" - Constellation Records // NABIHAH IQBAL, Closer Lover, da "Dreamer" - Ninja Tune // LIA KOHL, Sit On A Floor And Wait For The Storms, da "The Ceiling Reposes" - American Dreams Records // BADAWI, The Gazelles, da "The Book Of Jinn" - Penny Records // MC YALLAH X SHIGGE, Baliwa, da "Yallah Beibe" - Hakuna Kulala // LONDON UNDERGROUND, Dreams Are Better, da "Wild Paarty Sounds vol. 1" – Lantern Rec.

28 Mag 2023