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Battiti Lapses



RAINY MILLER & SPACE AFRIKA, The Graves at Charleroi feat Coby Sey, da "A Grisaille Wedding" - Fixed Abode // ANDRE' 3000, That Night In Hawaii When I Turned Into A Panther And Started Making These Low Register Purring Tones That I Couldn't Control ... Sh¥t Was Wild, da "New Blues Sun" - Epic // NICHUNIMU, Lo que murmulla, da "Bizcocho y devenir" - tsss tapes // GIANMARIA APRILE, Side B II, da "Losing your bearings in the middle of the day" - Torto Editions // MARY LATTIMORE, Music For Applying Shimmering Eye Shadow, da "Goodbye, Hotel Arkada" - Ghostly International // SARAH PAGÉ, Danse des Serpentes, da "Voda" - Backward Music // PIOTR KUREK, Harps, da "Smartwoods" - Unsound // OLIVIA LOUVEL, Doggerland DNA, da "doggerLANDscape" - Collectible Objects/Cat Werk Imprint // OLIVIA LOUVEL, I Extend My Arms Across The North Sea, da "doggerLANDscape" - Collectible Objects/Cat Werk Imprint // MARIAM REZAEI, Mariamba feat. Lucas Koenig, da "Bown" - Heat Crimes // MORITZ VON OSWALD, Librarsi, da "Silencio" - Tresor // MORITZ VON OSWALD, Silencio, da "Silencio" - Tresor // AKANE, Night Time Birds, da "Various - Radar Keroxen 4" - Keroxen // FLIPPING CANDY, Sounds From Haunted Times, da "Various - Radar Keroxen 4" - Keroxen // OMAR AHMAD, Lapses, da 'Inheritance' - AKP Recordings

08 Dic 2023